A must-have for anyone with an affinity for the great outdoors, the Weather Forecast Keychain is the ultimate outdoor survival tool. Looks too small to be really useful? Don’t let appearances fool you. The pocket size unit is packed with features.  
Featuring a weather forecaster with moon face, temperature, and humidity readings, this handy device is equipped with a built-in compass for those who are directionally challenged. To help you keep track of time, there is a calendar with a date, day and year display, as well as an alarm clock with a snooze function. Versatile for all activities, a large rugged key clip allows you to attach the unit to a backpack, belt, or jacket. Outfitted with an LED flashlight, this must have tool is ready for adventure. 

Features Include: 
Weather Forecast with moon face, temperature and humidity
Alarm Clock with snooze function
Calendar with date, day & year display
Maximum & minimum temperature
Humidity memory
Built-in Compass
LED Flashlight
Rugged metal extra large key clip
Requires 2 button cell batteries (included)

"Weather Forecast Keychain With Moon Face, Temperature & Humidity! Also Includes

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