TG    USB Beverage Warmer w/ 4 Port Hub

This USB Powered Beverage Warmer can keep your beverage, coffee or tea hot all morning long. Since it's powered from your computerUSB port it does not require batteries!

You will be able to keep your drink warm and a safe distance away from your valuable computer with the USB Powered Beverage Warmers 56 inch long USB cable.

In addition to keeping your beverage warm, this amazing USB Powered Beverage Warmer also includes four USB ports so you can connect even more USB devices to your computer.

There no difficult software to load, simply plug in the USB Powered Beverage Warmer and Plug & Play takes care of the rest.

Features include:

  • Easy installation, no driver required, plug & play
  • Keep beverage, coffee or tea warm at 113- 122 degrees Fahrenheit (45-50 degrees C)
  • Rated power: 2.5W - 5V DC
  • Red LED indication when warmer is turned on
  • Green LED indication when warmer is plugged in to USB
  • USB powered, no batteries needed
  • Four USB ports so you can power multiple USB devices
  • On/Off switch
  • Quality insulation material around the metal hot plate prevents burns
  • Works with Mac and PC
  • Conveniently sized to fit in your laptop bag
  • Great for travel
  • Dimensions: 3.625 x 4.125 x .875 inches
  • USB cord length: 56 inches

TG USB Beverage Warmer w/ 4 Port Hub

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