Soda Bottle Pourer W/ Cap Spout Dispenser Topper

Stop struggling with the soda bottles and making a mess !!!

Tired of heavy soda bottles squeezing and spilling all over the place? This amazing gadget allows you and your kids to be able to pour big bottles of soda easily with just one hand!
Just screw the spout on any size bottle and you instantly have a convenient hand and pour spout! Perfect for kids and parties!
When you are finished pouring just close the soda cap to the end of the pourer and put it back into the fridge. Only have to put the pourer on when you open the bottle the first time and take it off when the bottle is finished, then just put it on the next bottle.


  • You will be getting a set of 3 bottle pourers in the color red
  • Turns your soda bottle into a pitcher
  • Keeps the soda fresh and carbonated
  • Makes pouring soda easy even for children
  • Fits any 1 or 2 liter disposable plastic soda bottle

Soda Bottle Pourer W/ Cap Spout Dispenser Topper

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