Snuggie Neon Green Blanket with Sleeves for Kids
The blanket that has sleeves
Product Information

Help your kids always stay toasty warm with the Snuggie for Kids. This bright, fun-colored neon green snuggie is a soft, fleece blanket that features sleeves! Now you won't have to worry about getting cold or having to fix your blanket every time you reach for something. With sleeves built-in, you can easily read a book, talk on the phone, eat a snack, and more all while staying wrapped up, warm and cozy. This snuggie is designed for kids and is ideal for those up to 5 feet tall. Now, you kids can stay warm and toasty while at home, at a friends house, or even outside at a sporting event!

Product Features
  • The ideal way to keep warm while keeping your hands free
  • Easily play video games, use the computer, or eat snacks all while wrapped up and warm
  • Oversized sleeves easily fit over clothing for a comfortable feel
  • Great for use around the house or outdoors, like a sporting events
  • One size fits kids up to 5 feet tall

  • Color: Neon Green
  • Compatibility: Kids up to 5' tall
  • Material: Fleece
  • Dimensions: 54" x 42" (H x W, Approx)

Snuggie Neon Green Blanket with Sleeves for Kids

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