Shake'N Wake Alarm Clock

Have to get up in the morning earlier than your bedmate? Don't set a traditional alarm which will only wake him or her up! Instead, win considerate points and go to bed with this ingenious wrist alarm that'll wake you up on time without bothering anyone else!

The Shake-N-Wake works by producing a gentle vibration that stirs its wearer awake. So instead of emitting a loud and annoying beep to tell you it's time to get up, it vibrates gently but firmly, waking you up the easy way... while letting others catch a few more winks.

There are two ways that the Shake-N-Wake can be used.  It can be worn on the arm or it can be placed under the pillow.  The device is lightweight and with an ultra-soft wristband so it's comfortable to wear all night or sit unnoticed under your pillow.

In addition to serving as a morning alarm clock, the Shake-N-Wake is also perfect for anyone with a hearing impairment or for those who need to be reminded of their appointments or when to take their medication.

The optional bleep alarm means that it can also be used as a normal alarm clock and a backlit LED display guarantees that it’s easy to check the time in the dark.

The Shake-N-Wake is powered by 1-AAA battery (not included) and weights just 0.20 lbs! Every household could use a silent alarm, whether you use it on a regular basis or just occasionally for that early morning flight.

Skip the honking, clanging, shrieking or buzzing of traditional alarm clocks and invest in the Shake-N-Wake!

Product Features:
Silent vibrating alarm clock won’t disturb others
Lightweight and Comfortable
Large LCD screen
One touch back light allows for easy time telling
Vibrating or sound alarm selectable
Perfect for a reminder to take medication
Includes a wrist band or belt clip.
Runs on 1 ‘AAA’ battery

Dimensions: 2 1/4 x 3/4 x 2"h
Weight: 0.20 lbs

Shake'N Wake Alarm Clock

Condition: New

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