Mosquito Repeller
Did you know that some species of mosquitos are carriers for infectious diseases that affect millions of people each year? Or that there are thousands of different species of mosquitos? Because if you're interested, there are a whole bunch of reasons to hate on those bloodsucking insects. 
Not that you need any proof to despise the creatures that make you scratch your own skin insanely. You know by now just how much they suck. Literally. The only thing left to do is make sure they don't get to you anymore, and you can now with this easy-to-use mosquito repellent. Unlike most mosquito repellents, this one does not give off any noxious odors. It simply releases sound waves that repel mosquitos. There are even three levels for the sound waves that go by strength.  

Uses 2 AA batteries. Does not come with batteries. 

Mosquito Repeller

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