Electrifying Bug Zapper

This patented triple layered electric bug swatter kills/electrocutes all flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, gnats and spiders on contact. It has safety switch operation and 2 insulation outer layers for your protection. You can take it anywhere you go such as camping, BBQ, beach, and fishing. THIS IS NOT A TOY! The output power is relatively low, constituting no major hazard to humans or pets at all.

The Touchless Power Bug Swatter emits no smell and uses no poisonous or harmful material. It's safe for indoor or outdoor use and praised the most effective, convenient and hygienic insect terminator. It leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after. No splats or smears on your clean walls, windows, lighting fixtures, and furniture.

Features include:
Model: Triple layered net
Protection safety switch
Uses 2 AA-sized batteries (not included)
100% environmentally friendly
No dangerous chemicals
Indoor or outdoor use
Zapper measures 18.125 x 7.125 x 1.375 inches
Hit area measures 6.5 x 7.625 inches

Electrifying Bug Zapper

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