Crank Dynamo Flashlight With Wrist Strap - Up to 30 Minutes Of Light
Time to hang up the old trench coat, I guess. Looks like my days as an emergency flasher are over.

It used to be that if you were ever in an auto accident or stranded due to car trouble on the side of the road,
you called a guy like me. I’d throw on some black crew socks, a sensible pair of shoes, maybe a jaunty hat,
my trusty trench coat and nothing else, then come out and hold a flashlight for you. If you needed more help than I could provide,
I’d even get the attention of local law enforcement or passers-by by opening my coat and exposing myself to them for you.
I don’t care what anyone says, people brake for nakedness. I’m living proof of that.

• Wind-up 3-LED keychain flashlight.
• No battery required. Just wind it up for 10 seconds and the flashlight will work.
• 1 minute of cranking produces up tp 30 min of light! 
• Can store the energy. Wind it up when you've free time and energy will be stored and use later.
• Includes a handy wrist band - keeps it handy while keeping your hands free. 
• Mini and light weight, great for emergency.
• Operation: Wind-up as power supply.
• Switch to turn on and off.
• Each display boxed.

Power supply: (wind-up), no battery is required.
Dimensions: 3 1/4" W x 2" H

Crank Dynamo Flashlight With Wrist Strap - Up to 30 Minutes Of Light

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