Crackle Nail Polish - 3 Pack

One of the easiest ways to up your chic factor is to add some color to your nails. And instead of going for boring old monotone polish, you should try painting yourself with crackle nail polish. Crackle nail polish is one of the most popular nail trends to have come on the scene. When you don't want to go too over the top with your nails, it's one of the chicest ways to add some oomph. And since your order will come with 3 gorgeous colors, you'll get to have 3 times the fun! 

• Includes 3 nail polishes randomly chosen from those shown

• Each bottle measures 0.5oz

• Makes a great gift

How to apply:

1) Apply a base coat. While not necessary, base coats protect and strengthen your nails and help your polish stay on longer.

2) Apply one coat of regular nail polish. Let dry.

3) Apply crackle polish. Watch it slowly crackle before your eyes!

4) Wait a few minutes for your nails to fully dry; then apply a top coat and go show off your amazing nails.


Crackle Nail Polish - 3 Pack

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