Non-Stick Grill and Panini Press

Take that boring turkey and cheese sandwich and give it just 5 minutes in this Non-Stick Grill and Panini Press. Now you are looking at a tasty treat with crispy edges, crunchy bread, steaming meat and melted cheese. Doesn't that sound better than scraping the soft bread off of the roof of your mouth? Why else would all the major sandwich chains offer you toasted sandwiches these days? Well now for the cost of only a few of those fast food sandwiches you can make them at home for years to come, with truly fresh ingredients that you saw cut. Not meats and veggies that have been setting out all day and who knows how many days before that. But wait, there's more! The Non-Stick Grill and Panini Press also grills meats. Perfect for ham steaks or sausage patties for breakfast, along with pork chops for dinner or throw a chicken breast in there and chop it up for a great lunch salad. The Non-Stick Grill and Panini Press is perfect for taking boring meals and making them gourmet in just minutes!

Features Include:

  • Features Include:
  • Non-Stick Inside For Easy Cleanup
  • Grill Meats or Make a Perfect Panini
  • Modern Brushed Steel Finish
  • Dual Heating Zones for Faster Cooking
  • Advanced Grease Channeling System: Grease Flows Away While It Cooks
  • Side Lock to Press Sandwich or Meat
  • 10.75 X 6.75 Inch Grilling Surface
  • 33 Inch Power Cord with Storage Area
  • Measures 12.25(W) X 4.25(H) X 11(D) Inches

Non-Stick Grill and Panini Press

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