Camelion 12 LED Super Bright Aluminum Flashlight - Water & Shock Resistant
A flashlight for home and outdoor use
Product Information

The 12 LED Super Bright Aluminum Flashlight features a compact, portable design with a durable body. The 12 energy-saving LEDs are up to five times brighter and up to eight times more efficient than regular krypton bulbs. Shock and water resistant, this flashlight has an easy-to-use handy grip with a push button switch for quick access to light when you need it. The 12 LED Super Bright Aluminum Flashlight is ideal for everyday use as well as camping, travel, boating, and even walking the dog.

Product Features
  • Flashlight features 12 LEDs and is ultra efficient to give you convenient light when you need it
  • Made with aircraft aluminum alloy, the flashlight is water, corrosion, and shock resistant
  • Has an easy grip handle with push button operation
  • Ideal to use for work, outdoor, and general purpose activities.
  • Pocket sized with a convenient wrist strap for easy portability
  • Uses 3 'AAA' Batteries (included)

LED Benefits
  • Never Need Replacing - LEDs last up to 100,000 hours (11 years); in comparison, most flashlight bulbs need to be replaced after a few days.
  • Virtually Indestructible - LEDs are made of impact resistant materials that are very difficult to accidentally break.
  • High Intensity Beams - The beams produced by LEDs provide up to three times greater illumination than normal bulbs and are more focused and uniform, providing maximum visibility across a wider spectrum.
  • No Harmful Chemicals - To help protect the environment, this product is lead free.

  • Color:  Black
  • Light Source:  12 Super Bright LEDs
  • Brightness:  13000 mcd
  • Power Source: Three 'AAA' Batteries (included)

 Batteries are included, but are not guaranteed.

Camelion 12 LED Super Bright Aluminum Flashlight - Water & Shock Resistant

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