Bally Total Fitness Gel Flex Tube (Colors Vary)
Tone, strengthen, and stretch your whole upper body
Product Information

Tone and strengthen your upper body with the Bally Total Fitness Gel Flex Tube. The flexible gel material expands and contracts just like the muscles of your body, giving you a whole upper body stretch and tone. Plus, with the gel material and ergonomic, textured handles, the flex tube feels comfortable in your hands as you workout. Its unique 3 tube design gives you added resistance and durability, making it easy to tone biceps and triceps, strengthen your shoulder, develop your chest muscles, and give you entire upper body a good, quality stretch.

Product Features
  • Easily stretch and tone your whole upper body
  • Flexible gel material expands and contracts just like your muscles do
  • Soft, flexible gel also provides extra comfort during workouts
  • The unique 3 tube design provided added resistance and durability
  • Ergonomic, textured handles provide a secure, comfortable grip
  • Tones biceps and triceps, strengthens shoulders, develops chest muscles, and stretches entire upper body

  • Gel Flex Tube
  • Fitness Guide

  • Color: Random
  • Targeted Muscle Groups: Upper body

Bally Total Fitness Gel Flex Tube (Colors Vary)

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