3 Pack - Silicone BBQ Grill Mat

• BE THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR GRILL – Captain’s Grill Mats will make you look like a pro, delivering succulent, flavorful foods. Protect your foods from flare-up’s and show your friends you’re the CAPTAIN of the grill with the perfect bbq grill mat!

• VERSATILE – Captain’s BBQ Grill Mat can work with gas, charcoal, propane and electric grills and can easily and safely be cut to fit your grill, BUT, they are not only for the grill! We recommend using them in your convection oven too!

• LESS MESS – Experience the joys of clean grill cooking! Now you’re able to grill and not have to scrub the grime and mess off your grill. Simply place the Captain’s Grill Mat in the dishwasher, or hand wash, after every use. Be more adventurous with your grill mat

• CONVENIENCE - Keep your food from sticking to the grill or falling between the grates, allowing you to grill more and different foods than you usually would, like mushrooms, onion rings, small veggies and so much more, speeding up your cooking time! Our mats are the right thickness to be able to cook at a convenient temperature allowing you to still get those delicious looking grill marks, not too thick and not too thin. Its the ultimate addition to your bbq set!


• DELICIOUS – What’s better than a great piece of meat… a great piece of meat with all the flavor and tender all the way through! The Captain’s Grill Mat assists in cooking evenly while locking in more of the flavors you want! Your eBook will be emailed to you after purchase, please check your emails shortly after your checkout.               

3 Pack - Silicone BBQ Grill Mat

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