24 LED Deluxe Work/Camping Light - Built-in Hook & Magnetic Back
Super bright worklight with convenient features
Product Information

The ThinkTank Technology 24 LED Deluxe Worklight is a convenient bright light that is perfect to have in an emergency or for any situation where additional light is needed. The 24 super bright LEDs provide a strong light to help you see better, while the worklight itself features a built-in hook and a magnetic back for convenient, hands-free use. The flashlight operates using 3 AA batteries, and is the perfect flashlight to keep on hand while at home, in the car, while camping, or for use during an emergency. Get extra light when you need it with the super bright power of the 24 LED Deluxe Worklight.

Product Features
  • Perfect flashlight for use in all sorts of situations
  • Features 24 LEDs that provide strong, bright light so you can see better
  • Flashlight features a built-in hook and magnetic back that provide easy, hands-free light while you work
  • Great for use during emergencies, while camping, in your home, or as a spare flashlight in your car

  • Color:  Black/Red
  • LEDs:  24 LEDs
  • Power: Requires 3 'AA' batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions:  8.25" x 2.25" x 1" (H x W x D)

24 LED Deluxe Work/Camping Light - Built-in Hook & Magnetic Back

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