144 Piece Furniture Protector Set

This Furniture Protector Kit features 144 different protective pieces. Coming in 19 different shapes and many different colors and materials, these protective stickers will protect your floors, counter-tops, walls and furniture from everyday bumps and bruises. Simply stick the protective patch on your furniture, and you are all set. This kit works great protecting your hardwood, linoleum, or ceramic floors from the furniture scratching the surface. Try a set today.

Product Features:

  • Prevents expensive repairs
  • Extremely handy during moving
  • Comes in hard plastic case for easy storage
  • Protects walls, floors, counter tops, and more
  • 19 Different shapes and styles for use in any situation

Our 144 Piece Furniture Protector Set Protects floors, walls, counter-tops and more, 19 different sizes/materials for use in any situation.

144 Piece Furniture Protector Set

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