About Us

You came here to read what we are all about.

(Unless you didn't. But we're still going to share with you.)

Dizbee was established in 2009 starting with just 1 deal a day.
On August 8th 2010 we broke out of our shell. We went against the current and decided to add TOYS to our site. We couldn't be tamed for long. In May 2010 we expanded further by creating more relationships with companies, acquiring a larger variety of items. We felt great. We loved having more products to offer! But, it didn't feel complete. In January 2nd 2011 we decided to complete our home page with JEWELRY. Now we have 3 different categories of deals every single day! Yet, we still cannot be kept under control. Our team is currently working on opening a brand new section for you! On May 1st, 2013 we will be greeted by Dizbee's Sweetest. This is a little section we added for extra sweet deals for you to explore everyday! We just couldn't resist sharing more.


How do we find our deals?

This is a pretty common question among our vocal fans. We'd never want you all to feel out of the loop either so let us share our secret with you.

We're a pretty talented bunch to say the least. But it's not talent that brings us our awesome deals. It's devotion. We have a department devoted to deal hunts. We search and search. We go through all the inventory. We scan every database. And that moment when we lock eyes with our next deal, joy fills our hearts. It's not an easy task. We only want the best for you guys. And therefore we devote our time to get you the best.

If you're anything like us, you probably don't want to miss out on deals. (Check out our RIP tab for the ones you've already missed out on.) Sign up for our daily email so you can be in the know everyday.


What do we do?

A simple question with so many answers. But we'll keep it simple.

We explore the world of deals, the world of sales, and the world of awesomeness until we find the best products for you at the lowest price possible. We offer different categories of deals and update the deals every 24 hours. In order to keep you all on your toes, we don't leave our deals up forever! The deals close out pretty fast so check back often! Wouldn't want you to miss out on something sweet, so we offer a daily email for you to be the first to know about our newest deals!

Who are we?

Only the greatest team of busy bees you'll ever meet. That is, if you come hang out with us in our office. (We do love visitors. And fan mail!) We are business professionals, young and old, who are devoted to you. We want you to get the best and be the happiest. Always.

How do we keep our prices so low?

Well, if we told you....we'd have to kill you. Just know we care about you. We work hard to find the right people and we only accept the right prices.

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